October 13, 2010

Getting heavily back into my latest sci-fi novel JAGANNATH again, now that Carla’s visit is over and she’s flown back home to New York. I see the finish line in sight, and if I can just quit checking my e-mail and write, I’ll get there soon. Too many distractions — I’m ready to get started shopping for an agent for JAG soon — this is going to be the one that gets snatched up, sold, and published!

Also time to start shopping for a magazine to publish my Christmas short story, “A Clatter of Hooves”. For those of you out there listening (and the select few who’ve read it), wish me luck!

Listening to: Gary Hoey’s version of “Desire” (from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony) on Pandora.com


Hello world!

January 1, 2010

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